Our Manifesto


We wrote this manifesto as a statement of what we strive to be. If you strive to be or identify to be with any of the things below, you’re probably in the right place and we’d love to have you as a part of our community!

We Encourage & cultivate big, big thinking

We help each-other think bigger. One of our core motto’s is: Dream so big you get uncomfortable telling small minded people. This community acts as a compelling pull into a bright future. We focus on big, big Impact. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with small acts of kindness or community focussed impact. Actually, we almost expect our community members to be leaders around these aspects in some sorts. But here, we really want to talk about the big, big impact that could potentially affect billions of people. The conversations had in our community are about eradicating poverty, providing education for the whole world, juster forms of government, fundamental human rights,…

Concrete examples of what we mean with big, big impact:
💥 The community dialogue is always centred around 3 things, big questions, big ideas & big impact. 
💥 Our speakers & podcast guest always have an ability to think at scale.

We're Radically Inclusive

Anybody who engages with The Impact Billionaires as a community should feel as if they’re coming home. As if the community is joining their team and not the other way around. The radical inclusion we are talking about talks about empowerment, about great leaders being the ones that create more leaders and about truly lifting each other up and coming together in our individual searches to become impact billionaires.

Concrete examples of what we mean with radical inclusion:
💥 Our way of communicating with you is dialogue oriented, always allowing for your input & own thoughts.
💥 We aim for our community to be an active, excited & supportive community where ideas for projects can be turned into action in a matter of days.

We swear by the art of dialogue

At the very core of the community lies a very important yet simple principle. The art of dialogue. This speaks to the importance of understanding before being understood as well as understanding that the best ideas come from combined perspectives. The art of dialogue alludes to a profound respect for our different backgrounds, ideas and approaches to projects & life at large. The art of dialogue is built upon the premise that you can always learn from other perspectives and that this is a great way to sharpen and/or challenge your own paradigm’s and beliefs on the world.

Concrete examples of what we mean with the art of dialogue:
💥 On our podcast we invite people with very different backgrounds and ideas.
💥 In our style of interviewing we ask, challenge & respond with the goal of understanding better

We're Action Oriented Visioneers

We don’t focus on how we can’t do things. The idea here is that we’re visionary people with an engineering approach. Each of us, and we as a community have somewhat of an ideal vision of where we believe the world should be in a couple of years. However, we also closely look at where we are today with a deep respect & acceptance of what is and see what possible next steps could be from there. We don’t stay in our dream world.

Concrete examples of what we mean with action oriented visioneers:
💥 The content created through the podcast etc is always synthesised in big questions, big ideas & then the big possible next action-points from that.
💥 Our community conversations mostly center about big ideas with big possible impact and real impact requires a relatively plausibly possible approach.

all of us are purpose Driven

This almost goes without saying but it actually really doesn’t. Our community is purpose oriented, this doesn’t mean we all have ours figured out individually however for all of us in this community there is an affinity with the idea of positively impacting a billion people. With everything we do we sense a big why, this is what keeps driving this community forward.

Concrete examples of what we mean with purpose:
💥 All of our members have their personal Massive Transformative Purpose as a tagline
💥 We provide tools & resources to help people find their purpose

We're Co-Creators at the Core

Impacting a billion lives requires a billion people. We believe co-creation is the fastest way to get things done with impact. This comes down to – again – combining perspectives but also knowing how we can utilise our community to do this in an efficient way. We commit to building & utilising tools that make co-creation the default setting. This helps us streamline the work from question, to idea to impact.

Concrete examples of what we mean with co-creation:
💥 Every 3 months we launch a 6 week sprint that require 6 hours/week of your time to come up with exponential business ideas that could change the world.
💥 We regularly share awesome tools & insights that revolve around easy co-creation

We stand for & build true leadership

Our moto around leadership is that true leaders create more leaders. This community is built as a resource & platform to create more leaders that can rally around causes they care about. Our community members bring together people in an attempt to execute on the big ideas that are generated throughout the community.

Concrete examples of what we mean with true leadership:
💥 We create opportunities for our community members to step up and lead the execution of big ideas
💥 We actively work on making each other better leaders through community driven webinars etc.